Tango Internal System. No cut round edge.
No rubber bands

Tango Folding CoinQuite frankly I think the Coin in Bottle is one of the strongest tricks you can do for a layman and its when he hears his coin rattling inside a glass bottle that he is totally blown away. The traditional method is still the best because its the fragility of a glass bottle and the rattling noise that sell the trick. New methods with plastic bottles might impress magicians (who already know about folding coins) but the bottom line is that laymen know with a glass bottle its just impossible. With the Tango folding coin you can hold the bottle right in front of their nose and they won’t see a thing – certainly not the cut round the edge because there isn’t one. The Tango internal system means the coin looks perfect. And best of all with my routine you don’t need to switch the coin before you do the trick!!! The switch happens after the trick is over and they have had a good look at the coin in the bottle.

Tango makes the trick in £2, 50p, 50p double headed, and 10p coins.   All are the internal system with no ugly cut around the edge. They do not use rubber bands instead a long lasting material designed for necklaces so it won’t perish with age.

This trick is also available in the Tango internal system in a 50p coin at £35 This coin now comes as a double headed coin so that no matter what reverse design the spectator gives you the coin in the bottle shows head side up and matches the coin they gave you. We also have the 50p ones with heads and tails at £ 30

Currently we only have the head and tail 50p coin in stock.  £30