Keith Bennett has been a magician for over sixty years and a magic dealer for over twenty five years. He is a member of the British Magical Society (BMS) and the Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians. After reading for a law degree Keith Bennett spent twenty years as a professional photographer in the field of industrial and advertising photography. In 1989 he became a magic dealer and introduced the UK to Bicycles seconds which transformed the face of cardmagic there. He now specialises in Tango coin magic and Tango coin tricks but he also sells some other makes of coin trick. He started in coin magic in 1962 when he saw Ken Brooke perform the Han Ping Chien coin trick. The same day he saw “Liepzig’s Pride” which he also still does. Keith Bennett is particularly interested in sleeving and holdouts and uses a lot of sleeving in his coin magic. His latest venture is the mindreading chicken act or “Keith Bennett and Total Abuse of a Rubber Chicken”.  Contact Keith to learn coin magic and to learn how to do coin tricks

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