I currently have two lectures “Beginners and Intermediate Coin Magic”  and “Misdirection”.  If you want magic lecture that is a change from the ones you normally have ask your club secretary to get in touch. Both lectures teach through the medium of showing lots of tricks.  Although you will learn theory with the misdirection lecture it is all demonstrated by doing tricks and explaining the misdirection in them. Unlike some lectures on magic theory this one is short on talk and long on tricks. The coin magic lecture is a lecture not a dealer dem, your members will learn tricks that they can do without spending any money. They will also learn the secrets of the more common fake coins and how to use them. I do of course bring plenty of stock in case they do want to make a purchase.
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Personal Tuition

If you want to make faster progress I can offer individual tuition in Card Magic, Coin Magic and Close-Up Magic also in routining and misdirection. This can either be face to face if you live close enough or over Skype or FaceTime

My normal charge is £20 for an hour lesson (which usually runs over). If you have a friend who also wants to learn I can do joint lessons.